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Garage Sale

Harold and Beth had a garage sale yesterday. I haven’t been to a garage sale in years. And the last time I tried holding one myself, it was a dismal failure. My most successful items were extra garden plants I had potted up. Maybe I should try a plant sale instead…

Anyway, I helped yesterday by taking money for a while. I was surprised at all the haggling that happens at a garage sale. Sheesh, it’s only a quarter! Why do you need to offer a dime? Beth’s policy was no haggling, because at 1pm everything would drop to half price. I was glad for that because I didn’t want to make any decisions, I just pulled off the price stickers and totaled the price.

At about 1:15 I got passing-out-sleepy. It’s been happening to me the last couple of days. I’ll make a note of here it in case I need a medical history for the doctors when they’re trying to figure out the triggers for my narcolepsy. I went up to Harold and Beth’s bedroom and slept on the floor for half an hour. I felt much better after that.

I added good.


  1. Lauren

    It’s fun to see you when you get passing-out sleepy. It’s like watching a little kid try to stay awake. only taller.

  2. Beth

    I didn’t know you went inside for nap – that’s hilarious…I must have been engrossed in my sales-pitching to get rid of more stuff…

  3. Lloyd

    You mean you took a nap before our The Lord of the Rings nap?

  4. kiwe

    It’s all the taurine.

  5. Peggy

    How’d you fair with adding everything after 1:00? Let’s see half of a quarter, 25 cents, that’ll be, um ….

    Maybe that’s what brought on the passing out ….

  6. Peggy

    Hey Beth … how’d you make out? Did you sell most of your stuff? What kind of cool stuff was it? Did Lloyd buy anything?

  7. Carol

    Yard Sale fans: If you’re near Hagerstown, where MD 66 crosses Route 40 and I-70, stop by the old Frey homestead Thursday through Saturday of this week for the world’s largest estate sale of old dishes (my private name for it – cheeseandcrackers those old gals had the plates, cups and saucers!). It promises to be huge – much more than just dishes really. I hear the original high chair used by the three Frey sons is included! Husband and brother-in-law even rented tables and port-a-potties for the anticipated flock of shoppers. [I just want to move enough paraphernalia to cover the gas money it’ll take to get there and home again and I’ll be happy.]

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