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It’s Miraculous

Lauren was talking about my sour milk last night and jokingly said she had some powdered milk I could try. Not having had it for years and years, I decided to taste it. She mixed a little up using some of my distilled water that had been chilling in the refrigerator.

I was blown away.

It was amazingly like regular milk. In fact, I don’t think I could tell a difference in a blind taste test. This may change the way I buy milk forever. If I can find some simple way to measure the water and powder for ease of mixing, I could buy boxes and boxes of powdered milk and always have milk on hand.

The only thing I’ll need to research is if there is some nutritional drawback to powdered milk. Does it have excess lead? Will it suck minerals from my body? I’ll have to check the Internets…

Lauren gets to use her super-cool bottle!  Yay!


  1. Beth

    YAY for powdered milk!

    (But, seriously, isn’t it just a little disturbing? A little?)

    • Deanne

      I’m disturbed.

  2. Lauren

    It comes from powdered cows, I’m sure of it!

    You need a method for ease of mixing? I’m on it!

  3. kiwe

    If you decide to go for it don’t buy any. I have a ton (maybe not a ton, but quite a bit) of powdered milk and I will be ever so happy to send it to you. I have nothing to do with it.

    • Beth

      And how does one acquire a big lot of powdered milk?

      (Seems a weird thing to have a lot of…because don’t you have to buy it in the first place? Hmmm… (She said rubbing her brow.))

      • Karla

        My guess is that it was from Sam’s, orginally to use in a bread machine.

        • Lauren

          I have two giant boxes because in a fit of craziness I thought I would make homemade hot cocoa mix and bought some. When I came home and decided I didn’t want to make it, I put it in the basement….right beside the other (unopened) box from the last time I thought it would be a good idea.

        • Beth

          I have a really good cappucino (is that how you spell it?) mix recipe that calls for 8 cups of dry milk… Want it? 😀

        • Lauren

          I think the dry milk is spoken for, but shoot the recipe our way anyway!

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