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A Fruitful Day

Happy Birthday, Tim! Yay! He’s 1 years old today!

Yesterday I went to Lincoln with Lauren. We were on a time schedule because we had to get back in time for my 4:30pm haircut appointment.

First we stopped at The Fort. It’s a giant store that sells all things western. It was truly amazing. They have all kinds of things I would never see elsewhere, such as lasso ropes and Udder Butter. In the ‘Old West’ section, I tried on hats, and ended up finding out from the guy working there that I’m a size 7 1/2 hat size. Useful information. Lauren and I were there hoping to find jeans. She didn’t, but I did. Ever since my beloved Levi’s Silvertab Baggy jeans went out of production, I’ve been looking for a replacement. Yesterday I found a likely candidate: Levi’s 569 Loose Straight.

It was larger than most grocery stores!

I also found another piece of the puzzle for Sommerer Gardens: a crape myrtle that is hardy in Nebraska. It is called ‘Hopi’. I’m very excited about it, because I don’t know if I’ve seen even one crape myrtle here in Nebraska.

I won't plant it here.  They don't generally grow in cement.

We did get back in time for my haircut. Doreen did it for me. She’s Beth’s regular stylist. She took her time cutting my hair and did a fine job. And it was not a moment too soon. My hair was so long, my shadow was beginning to look like I had a mowhawk.

A shadow fauxhawk.


  1. Beth

    Excellent fauxhawk. Excellent. I want to see a pic of your new jeans. No need for modeling, I just want to see the color. 😀

  2. Deanne

    New jeans… why is it so difficult?? Why do they stop making what works?? Why? Why???

    I congratulate you for finding a new style that might work. I’ve lost all hope, so I buy a pair every few years and try to make it work. Maybe I should go to the Fort and try some on… next time I go visit grandma.

  3. Lauren

    It’s a true shame I didn’t take a picture of the hat guy talking with Brad. He was in the Old West section and truly loved and lived his job – hat, neckerchief, boots, chaps – the whole nine yards. Very thorough in his hat knowledge.

    Thanks for the myrtle, Brad!

  4. Beth

    Myrtle. I hope you name your next cat Myrtle. Heh. Myrtle.

  5. Annette

    What they fail to say is that Lloyd will have a completely new compliment of clothing from the Fort to go with his 10 gallon conference hat. Since pants have been optional, I do believe this new wardrobe will include chaps.

  6. Peggy

    I never noticed that you had square-block ears before … wait a minute-that whole shadow looks oddly familiar—are you really:


    (and yea, where’s the picture of you in the hat, & the new cut, & the new jeans????)

    • Lauren

      Ha! How do you find such great pictures?

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