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I went to Home Depot yesterday, and while I was there I noticed a peculiar sign. I don’t remember seeing this before, so I took a picture. Maybe it’s old news to other people, but I found it quite shocking:

Strippers?  At Home Depot?

Since I’m posting racy pictures already, here’s a picture of my nearly-naked head. I got a haircut yesterday.

Showing skin.


  1. Lauren

    Ah, yes – the peladores. My brothers were warned to stay clear of them as they neared their coming of age….

    Is your ear sunburned? How is that possible?

  2. Lauren

    Our conversation while Lloyd considers something to say.

    Lloyd, after reading your post: “Mr. Roeber says something about strippers and something else.” (He’s the shop teacher.)
    Lauren: Varnish?
    Lloyd: No.
    Lauren: Paint remover?
    Lloyd: No.
    Lauren: Private dancers?
    Lloyd: NO. It’s something that sounds dirty but it isn’t. Like a tool.
    Lauren: Hoe?

    • Peggy

      HA! Or should I say Ho, ho, ho!

  3. Beth

    You have a hair in your year. Fortunately, it’s of the cut variety and I’m sure it just washed off… Those other hairs are more embarassing.

    • Lloyd

      Ear hair is a mark of distinction and breeding.

      • Kristi

        Did you mean to say inbreeding?

    • Deanne

      And just think about how hard it is to pluck your own ears! Do guys pluck?

      • Brad

        Many guys just rely on their barber to shave their ears with the clippers.

        I regularly and compulsively feel the edges of my ears for hairs. If I can’t grab the hairs with my fingernails, I’ll get them with tweezers. Backlighting helps a lot.

        • Peggy


  4. Peggy

    That Peladores must be tops in her line of work…I’ve seen her name starring lots of places…even Walmart…oh wait, maybe she’s not that good. Never mind.

  5. kiwe

    Well, were else would strippers be but at a place with lots of men getting hammers?

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