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The End of “20 Cents”

My cellphone has been slowly deteriorating. The hinge has been particularly stiff, and over the last couple of days, I’ve gotten the “Check SIM” message a couple of times. It’s been clear that the phone was on its way out.

So I decided to get a new phone. I did my research first. I don’t like buying electronics without reading a little of Consumer Reports and a little bit of user reviews. I had said that I wanted to get a cellphone that was just a phone. The Pantech Breeze fit the bill, but it only came in white, and I just didn’t want a white phone. I guess when it comes down to it, what the phone looks like is important to me. So I considered some other phones as well.

After spending a long time in the store looking at phones and fiddling with them, I ended up getting a Motorola Razr V9. It is the descendant of my old phone, so it has a familiar layout. Plus I like how it looks. Ironically, has almost every bell and whistle available to cellphones. All I wanted was a phone. I’ve kept my stripped-down phone plan, so there will be no streaming video or music for me. Also, no GPS navigation or web access. But I did finally add texting to my plan, so at last I will stop paying 20 cents per text.

Max says this phone passes the taste test.

Since I got a haircut last night, I tried to take a picture of the phone next to my head. None of them came out very well, but at least this one shows the full-sized screen that’s located on the outside of my phone. If I used any of the non-phone features of this phone, this outside screen would be useful. For me, it’s just a clock.

It was 9:59pm.


  1. Lauren

    Congrats on the phone! It’s no Jitterbug, but it looks very sleek. 🙂

    You got a haircut on a Sunday night? That’s so bold! Where did you go?

    • Brad

      I get free haircuts from Denis. It’s a condition of his lease. 🙂

  2. Beth

    My phone is two years old this Spring. Traditionally that has been the life span of a phone for me. We’ll see what I end up with this time around. I’m pretty sure they don’t make anything as basic as I carry right now. So perhaps I’ll have a few bells and whistles of my own…

  3. Brady G.

    need a haircut?

    http://www.drewsbarbershop.com – second paragraph (beverages are free!!!, as is the TV viewing)

    • Peggy

      That’s awesome!! I would go there, but really I like to just sit with my eyes closed, in silence,relaxing when I’m getting my haircut.

      • Lauren

        I think I’d be a much better tipper if I’d had some beer first, but my hair would be so uneven from all the passing out.

  4. Peggy

    9:59 PM ?!?! On a school night??? A haircut on a Sunday night???? Did I just cross over into bradaptation Twilight Zone??

    I hope this phone keeps you happy for awhile and serves you well!

    • Brad

      Because the time just changed on Saturday, it felt like 8:59.

  5. Lloyd

    I’m really tired, of I would text you. It’s odd that I’m tired, because apart from Fun Night, I pretty much slept all weekend.

  6. Carol

    Now we have to worry about you texting through your prep period instead of just sleeping through it – always another reason to fret!

    I use the stopwatch feature on my hardly-any-bells-or-whistles model to time 8th grade speeches – works like a charm. I also appreciate not needing to wear a wristwatch since using a cell phone – I mean, how redundant would that be anyway?? Enjoy the new model – and be sure to salt and pepper it before you take it out in Max’ presence again, no?

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