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When Uneventful is Good

My nephew Tim is two today! Happy Birthday, Tim! Yay!

Well, my trip was pretty good. Denis dropped me off at the airport before he went to work, which worked out really well because the line to get boarding passes was extremely long. I mean, it was really, really long – “you’re on Candid Camera” long. Anyway, because I was so early, it didn’t matter that I stood in line for an hour to get my boarding pass. Except for my back hurting.

Security was okay. I found out my back brace has metal in it. And I found out that I don’t care if I drop my pants in front of TSA people in order to put my back brace back on.

I was at the gate an hour before my flight, so I laid down on the floor. It made my back feel good. I fell asleep. When I woke, there were lots of people around. I stayed on the floor until the last minute, then boarded the plane.

Sitting didn’t hurt my back, but it made it stiff. No turbulence to speak of… easy connection in Minneapolis… short flight to Lincoln. Thank goodness for Beth’s super-strong mom arms; she could help me with my suitcase. And thanks to everybody who prayed for me. It was a very good day.

This morning I’ll be taking it easy on Lloyd and Lauren’s couch, then I’ll meet up with my family in the afternoon. Let the Nebraska Visit begin!

If I keep this up, I'll have more pictures of my knees than I do of my feet.


  1. Lauren

    I am exceedingly grateful that you weren’t stranded in the airplane bathroom, and that you could get off the floor.

    Lloyd and I have tried to caution Brad about the hidden dangers here that may incapacitate him here at the house. Now I pray that he doesn’t collapse in pain and get eaten by cats.

  2. Lloyd

    That’s a good picture of you knees, Brad. And of that guy’s butt.

  3. Michele

    WOW! – dropping your pants, napping on the floor of an airport, … what have you become? I will continue to pray for your back, but now I will also pray that you don’t turn into a social misfit!

    Love the caption – ha!

  4. Annette

    No turbulence? Really?? As a fellow, “I’m sure this is the flight I will die on” passenger, that must mean you taxi-ed all the way to Omaha.

  5. Peggy

    YAY for feeling better!! I was wondering if you had your brace…that makes a huge difference doesn’t it? Keep taking it easy…we’ll keep praying you well!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDY TIM!! WOW…2 years old already! Woo hoo!

  6. Carol

    Thank you, Lord, for all the support to get Brad where he needs to be right now. So, now that you’re in Nebraska, will you have follow-ups for the back? Chiropractic? Massage? PET scans; CAT scans; MRIs; X-Rays?? Or do you feel better enough and know your own back better than anyone else so you figure this will work itself out over time and with plenty of TLC from friends and family?

    Translation: No coming back in a wheelchair because you didn’t take proper care of yourself – ya’ hear?

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