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Not Maryland

I had many experiences yesterday that reminded me I’m not in Maryland. First thing in the morning I was attacked by a fuzzy skeleton named Pfennig. I was trying to sleep just a little longer, but she kept getting right up in my face and meowing and then putting her butt on me. It was very effective. I got up and gave her some food.

She was blurry because I didn't have my contacts in yet.

The next odd incident was a trip to the dump. Sanitation is completely privately run here in Nebraska… even the landfill. My trip to the Milford Landfill was different than any trip to the dump I’ve ever made in Maryland. The workers didn’t scold me for some imaginary rule I had broken. In fact, they were very friendly and helpful. I honestly didn’t know how to react to them. I just kept saying “Thank you” a lot.

Goodbye, old landscape timbers.

And I got a haircut. I went to Doreen. She is unlike anything we have in Maryland. Thanks for the great haircut, Doreen!

Something's weird about the lighting in this picture, but it's the only one I took.


  1. Beth

    Heh. “She is unlike anything we have in Maryland.” What exactly does that mean?

    And, when Bobbie wants me to get up, and the in-your-face-meowing isn’t effective, she uses one claw on my cheek. It’s annoying, but I’m pretty sure I prefer that to a cat butt.

    • Deanne

      Yes, do tell. If you like her, you may just have to fly out there every 4 weeks to get your hair cut. I’m sure Lloyd and Lauren wouldn’t mind. Or Beth. Or Brent.

  2. Brady G.

    Melissa Weldon (World History and German instructor at Baltimore Lutheran) has a cat named Pfennig. Really doesn’t like toddlers. At all.

    • Carol

      Yours wouldn’t be the paternal voice of experience there, would it? (Poor Noah!)

  3. Lauren

    Awwww…. I miss that fuzzy skeleton butt. It’s good to see she’s not dead. yet.

    When I saw those railroad ties I yelled, “What the what?!?!” Are those from the shed or the backyard or a railroad? What are you DOING?

    • Peggy

      Each of Brad’s visits is like watching an episode of ‘Trading Spaces’. Can’t wait to see the conclusion of this show!

      And LOVE the picture of the cat! Glad you captured her face…what with not having your contacts in and all.

    • Curt

      Maybe you will have a brand new house when you get back. Or on the bad side, no house.

  4. Lloyd

    Phil’s Scarlet is from LA, and she can’t believe that we can leave the car windows down and the car isn’t stripped when we get back.

    Of course, we do lock the doors, so maybe that’s the reason.

  5. Annette

    Why a profile? Is that what makes Doreen, “unlike anything in Maryland?”….she only clips half your head?

  6. Carol

    Now wait a second here…you not having in contacts shouldn’t make Pfennig’s face blurry, should it? I’m confused…and why does poor Pfennig resemble a skeleton? Has she been ill? Now I am also concerned! Inquiring minds need to know!!

    [Frey kitten update: week three began uneventfully – no need for any new meds…cat growing, eating, playing and using litter box like “normal” kitten…Freys quite relieved, as brother-in-law had been asked to house-sit while we went to the ocean and we were worried how he would feel if cat got X-es in its eyes while under his watch. Whew! No such events transpired. Yea, Riley-cat!]

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