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Geographical Reunion?

Last Friday I got a phone call from a woman identifying herself as the secretary to the PR guy from the high school I went to: St. Paul’s Lutheran High School. She said he was traveling in my area and wanted to take me to dinner. I was confused, but certainly wasn’t going to pass up free dinner. She said he liked Indian food. I couldn’t think of an Indian restaurant, so I said that there was this Vietnamese place I go to in Towson that’s really good. She said she would call to set it up if I would tell her the name of the restaurant. I couldn’t. I ended up suggesting Bahama Breeze. It’s a Caribbean-style restaurant.

We met last night. It was a really pleasant dinner. He’s got great conversation skilz. Plus, we had a lot in common. Plus, I was eating free dinner. Plus, he gave me a pen and some sticky notes. Awesome! He said he was traveling around to connect with alumni and check into the possibility of geographical reunions. It sounds interesting to me. There are three of us here on the coast from my own era. He said there were many others from other time periods. Maybe we’ll have a party. Cool!

I had three kinds of pens in my shirt pocket when I left the restaurant.


  1. Lauren

    “..Many others from other time periods.” – now it sounds like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!!

    • Peggy

      HA…I thought the same thing. What an interesting, creepy, ghostly party that could be! Ehhhxcellent!!

  2. Peggy

    You are brave to meet with a total stranger just because he offered you free food. It’s comforting to know that you have duck walking ninja skilz just in case.

  3. Deanne

    Cool! I’m sad I was out of town this week and could not take him up on his free food offer.

  4. Carol

    Apparently the “Floor-de-lee” is not exclusive to BLS! I say you scratch out the “St. Paul” and replace it with “BLS” – think anyone will notice?

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