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Conversion Endeavor

Yesterday I began an experiment: I began drinking diet soda.

I’ve always said (or at least said since September 20, 2006) that I can’t drink diet drinks because of the weird bitter-metallic aftertaste. But I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I will attempt to drink diet drinks. If there is an aftertaste, I will try to work through it. Perhaps over the course of time I will successfully convert.

Yesterday for lunch I had my first full glass of diet coke in a long time. In fact, I had two. Then for dinner, I had two cans of it. Whew! I didn’t realize how much I had drunk! As of bedtime, there was a bitter-metallic ghost in my mouth, but I could ignore it well enough.

Maybe this will actually work.

Thirty-two ounces.  Zero calories.


  1. Lauren

    That is so brave of you. It’s such a toss-up. Drink regular pop and ingest all that sugar or drink a diet pop and all those chemicals?

    Mmmm…. sugar and chemicals…….

  2. Carol

    …then there’s the carbonic acid that’ll get your teeth regardless what sort of carbonated beverage you choose. Iced tea an option for ya’? (Not that the tannic acid there won’t get to those very same teeth over time, mind you…)

  3. Peggy

    Welcome to the light side dear friend!

    And hence, from this point forward you shall be known as Chad. So let it be written…so let it be done.

    (If the conversion fails, you’ll go back to Brad)

  4. Beth

    You can ge tover the taste itself? Because that’s what gets me. Not the aftertaste. The taste.

  5. Curt

    Mixing diet and regular. Sometimes it kills the bad diet taste.

  6. Lauren's sister in Alaska

    Just think of all the money you are giving to the soda people, either way!

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