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For school shoes, I’ve been looking for a specific style for a long time now. I want chunky shoes that look kind of dressy …special agent from the Matrix meets Edward Scissorhands. I can’t find them. I can find flat, square toes or pointy roach-kicker toes, but no round, chunky toes.

I recently got an email from Dr. Martens shoe store because I’ve ordered shoes from them before. They were offering 20% off any purchase, so I decided to check out their current offerings. I really liked how their boots looked, but I didn’t want to wear boots, plus boots are against the dress code at school. What I needed was a shoe that looked like a boot. And I found it: It’s a work shoe. It looks like a boot, but it’s a slip on shoe.
So if shoes look like boots, do you call them shoots?

The style is called Resistor.  But we all know resistance is futile.

It’s still not quite what I’ve been looking for, but it’s close enough for now. But I’ll keep looking…


  1. Lauren

    Those are very nice. The shape is good. I wouldn’t be able to resist coloring those stitches with a Sharpie, though. Not because I don’t like the yellow – I just really like coloring things with Sharpies.

    No boots, eh? Lloyd can’t work there, then.

  2. Peggy

    Those are indeed very nice Brad!

    Do they really have steel toes? I guess that will come in quite handy should anymore stools fall on your foot. Hasn’t that happened to you more than once? In Seward & at Bill Batemans?

  3. Carol

    …or would they be called “boos” then? You could sneak up on cows or maybe even regular people while wearing them….unless you elected to call them “booze”, in which case I suppose something alcoholic would have to be involved. But that would be just plain silly.

    They looked very nice today, by the way. Apparently some of us rebels will be breaking code and going for the open-toed sandals until we absotutely posalively have to put on the panty hose again. Be glad that little item isn’t a problem for ya’…….or so I hope.

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