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Conversion: Negative

My most recent conversion experiment is over. I have not successfully switched to diet soda. I thought things were going well. I had mostly adjusted to the different flavor of diet sodas. I was even zeroing in on some favorites (I like Diet Dr. Pepper and Fresca).

But then the bitter-metallic aftertaste of the artificial sweeteners finally caught up with me. Maybe it took a while to build up or maybe I slowly lost tolerance for it. I realized one day that I was tasting that taste and I hadn’t had any diet soda for hours. Dang.

For now I’ve switched back to regular. Experiment suspended…

Back to my first love: Pepsi.


  1. Lauren

    Welcome back to the dark side – the sweet, sweet dark side.

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Don’t you have a method for making your own diet soda? A giant cup filled with ice and some warm Pepsi poured over that (and watering it down)?

  2. Peggy

    Dang…I’m sorry the diet soda world has failed you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing…because diet soda is the worst thing for people with troublesome stomachs.

    Have you ever tried these?


    • Peggy

      They have quite a few flavors, including “Dr. Zevia”. You gotta try that one.

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