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Wee Hours

I haven’t visited my friends Chris and Janet for years. It’s a matter of no small guilt, especially because I’m godfather to their son. We’ve tried to call each other many times, but our schedules don’t ever match. At one point, I just started leaving long messages in their voicemail that resembled a one-sided conversation. I asked them to do the same.

But then Janet texted me. She asked if I was up early in the morning. I told her that I’m almost always up early in the morning. Ever since then, I get early morning texts from her. But here’s the weird part: she lives in Phoenix. Time difference? Minus three hours! When she texts at 6:51am in Baltimore, it’s 3:51am in Phoenix. Holy cow!

She’s a personal trainer and has several clients who meet her for early morning workouts, so she gets up at 3:30am.

The time stamp on this text is 6:51am.


  1. Carol

    It’s uncanny how much your friend, Janet, seems to resemble your cat, Max. Have you ever noticed that before? ….. what? ……oh, you don’t have a video phone thing going there, eh? [He he he]

    …and thank you for notopening this posting with a sentence anything like this one: “Now that I’ve hit a certain age, I find I have to get up more often during the night to…” ‘Cuz when I read your title……well…

  2. Lauren

    3:30 in the morning?!?! Good grief – when does she go to bed? The answer is either at suppertime or not at all.

    Text “H1” 2 her 4 me, ok? thx by

  3. Deborah

    I just talked to Janet recently, but we’re closer to the same time zone.

  4. Peggy

    I stumble out of bed sometimes at 3:30am…for a quick trip to the bathroom…and I curse the whole time. I hate it so much, sometimes I try to ignore it. I can’t begin to imagine getting up at that hour to EXERCISE!

    Way to go early exercisers!! I hope to be more like you one day…but for now, unfortunately I’m more like this guy: sigh


  5. Deborah

    After thinking about this for a couple hours, I have a question: Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t people use texting for when they can’t actually talk to a person (during school, during a meeting, during church)? If you’re both up at 6:30/3:30, why don’t you just call each other?

    • Brad

      Heh. I’m not sure. Maybe on her end, Janet is barking commands at a client, and while they’re straining at the weights, she’s sending me texts. On my end, I’m frantically getting ready for school and sending texts in between copy machine visits and lesson planning.

  6. Deborah


    • Peggy


      • Peggy

        No takers…what comes next? Lloyd?

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