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Mint Trials

We made a trip to Walmart yesterday. Seward’s Walmart is great. I love going there. We walked through most of the store. During checkout, I looked for my favorite mints – Ice Breakers in one of three flavors: Iced Tea, Orangeade, or Limeade.

They had Ice Breakers mints, but not in the flavors I was looking for. They did, however have two flavors I haven’t tried: Bubble Gum, and Fruit Punch. I got both.

I tried a Bubble Gum mint first. It was disgusting. I spit it out before we left the parking lot. The Fruit Punch mints tasted just like a fruit punch drink. I liked them well enough. I’ll eat some more of them, but I don’t think I’ll buy more of them.

I hope the company hasn’t discontinued the Iced Tea, Orangeade, and Limeade.

I got a new keychain bead set, too.  They're kind of fun to make...


  1. Carol

    1. Love the ducky! Hope you actually use him this fall….?
    2. Thought of you this morning on a walk when I smelled spearmint in the air at one corner. Really…really smelled spearmint andreally thought of you when I smelled it. (Is that particular mint on the thumbs up or thumbs down list for you?)
    3. The Seward Wal*Mart was my first Wal*Mart ever. Sandy Schmidt took some of us who were visiting with the Caleb project back in ’80-something (that’s 1980, of course…). It was amazing then; can’t imagine how they could improve on perfection.
    4. And which type of sweetener do these mints use, pray tell? (Thought of you again while watching “House” the other day and a young man was in the ER with uncontrolable diarhea that only started once he quit smoking. Turns out he’d been chewing gum to replace the cigarette fixation and, you guessed it – the sorbitol got ‘im!)

    • Lauren

      They improved the Seward Wal*Mart by tearing it down and rebuilding it in a different location. Our new one is the tiniest SuperWal*Mart you can have, but it doesn’t hold a candle to our old one. I miss it because it had a great variety of everything. The new one is too mainstream with limited choices.

      • Carol

        Gasp! …that’s just not right. Condolences.

        Meanwhile, the W*M nearest us is going “super”,probably because our nearest foodliner (an A&P franchise) closed recently. Mixed feelings about the possibility of buying groceries where we buy other miscellanei…

    • Peggy

      Oooooh …. it’s a duck (of course)! I thought it was Spongebob or maybe a jaudice Charlie Brown.

      My favorite Walmart is the one in Spring Hill Florida. It’s amazing! I wonder if it would still reign as best if I ever get to see the one Seward?

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