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Eucalyptus Smellories

I worked in the garden for a couple of hours yesterday, but everything I did was invisible. I cleaned things and pruned things and weeded things. They look nice now, but you’d never know I worked on them so long. So I didn’t take a picture.

Instead, I took a picture of dried eucalyptus branches. I saw them in a store yesterday and almost bought them. The smell always reminds me of our home in Tennessee. In my mind, I see them hanging on the back of a door maybe? It seems like they got crushed a lot. And they smelled so good. And I smelled that smell yesterday, and it reminded me of home. I should have bought some. Maybe I will today.

I almost went with Carol's term, 'smemories', but since I had used 'smellories' in an earlier post, I thought I should stick with it.


  1. Lauren

    I seem to remember that you can tie a branch of this in your shower when you have cold and the steam will release the aroma (and the wrinkles). I vote for buying some just in case you get to feelin’ poorly.

  2. Peggy

    Ahh yes…..childhood memory provoking smells are awesome! Just Friday at work, I received two cases of new binders & when I opened them the powerful smell of plastic came wafting out. I kept opening & closing the box, experiencing the smell of Christmas as a kid. Christmas smelled like new plastic when I was little. Ahhhhh!

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