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Grilled Cheese Search

I love grilled cheese sandwiches. In the past, I have often gotten them from the restaurant across the street from my house. But it has seemed as if that restaurant has been through several owners in the last couple years. Many of their food choices have changed, including their grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m sorry to say I don’t like them any more. They are dry and crumbly and have a strange flavor.

I decided to try a different place. This place is also in walking distance. Its menu is very similar to my regular place. I thought perhaps it would yield a good grilled cheese. I was disappointed. It was not good. There was something wrong with the outsides of the bread. Perhaps they didn’t use butter? But what would you use instead of butter? Vegetable oil? Yuck… The result was a heavy, almost gummy sandwich.

I’ll have to keep searching, which will not be an unpleasant task at all. 🙂

I ate the whole thing.


  1. Carol

    …so, it was “heavy and gummy” but “I ate the whole thing” anyway. Interesting…once you find the perfect GCS, will you have it bronzed instead of eating it, I wonder?

    Your high standards for a humble sandwich are admirable. I guess I’m that way with bagels. Chewy – but not too chewy – and coated with sesame seeds whenever possible, thank you very much. We “high standards for edibles” folks have to stick together. Much success on your hunt, sir.

  2. Lloyd

    I will refrain from suggesting making a grilled cheese sandwich at home. Oh wait, I didn’t.

    Once I was making grilled cheese sandwiches while Lloyd watched, and he got upset that I was buttering the outside of the bread. “Is that how it’s done?” he exclaimed in shock. Dead in the wild, that’s what I call him.

  3. Lauren

    Er, that was me, not Lloyd. He’s logged in here.

  4. Peggy

    Patience, child, patience. Saw this on TV last week.


  5. Beth

    If you lived across the street from me, I’d make you a grilled cheese anytime you wanted one (http://bethtastic.com/2008/09/23/grilled-cheese/)…

    And then gladly take your $5.

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