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Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed: Day Three

I did my scariest measuring so far yesterday. I attached metal plates to the bed frame. These plates will be the hinges and the connectors for the pneumatic springs. If the measurements are off, the bed may not open and close correctly. I followed the instructions as closely as I could. I watched the DVD, paused, read the paper instructions, measured, measured again, measured again, read the instructions again, measured again, and drilled the holes.
Plates in place.

One of the things I took the most care with was a spacer the instructions told me to make. It was to be five sixteenths of an inch. I used an electric sander to get it to the right size.
Exactly five sixteenths.

After getting the plates on, I assembled the bed frame. It went very quickly. If the whole project was screwing boards together into a box shape, I would have been done already! Hehe…
I'm glad to have the lightweight folding banquet tables  I can carry everywhere.


  1. Lauren

    Excellent! See? Now you’ll be able to tell everyone that carpentry is as simple as following recipe directions. “It’s like baking with lumber!”

    Unless, of course, you have built a death trap.

    • Peggy


      And I love watching this bed come together. It’s almost like I’m helping. And I agree with Lloyd too! Your human hands made a perfect 5/16’s. Or are you part machine?

      Btw: Besides all the nervousness about getting things just so, are you having fun building this?

      • Brad

        Yes! I am having lots of fun. It’s most satisfying to have the stuff I build look like the stuff in the instructions and the DVD. Hehe…

        I’m also learning a bunch of stuff, and thats good… You know how they say learning things is supposed to be good for your brain. I’m just trying not to be any more forgetful than I already am. 🙂

  2. Lloyd

    That was the most five-sixteenth I’ve ever seen.

  3. Carol

    When will your show be on the DIY network? [You are videotaping all of these adventures, right?] If this all works out, you could even have your own reality TV series “Create-a-den-of-iniquityBed : 101″. And I figure it must have worked out by now or we would have heard your agonizing mourning cries all the way in Rosedale. So – congratulations on proper hole alignment and pneumatic spring attachment, sir. You’re a better man than I…which would have been true regardless, I suppose.

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