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We went to Hana yesterday. Lloyd and Samith decided to rent a convertible for the trip. It was really fun to drive with the top down. The forest scenery is beautiful. There were lots of places to pull off the side of the road. They often involved bridges and water.

Much greenery.

Much greenery.

We stopped and investigated a few waterfalls. Lots of people were swimming. I didn’t test the water, but I imagine it was cold.

Can you see the tiny people?

Can you see the tiny people?

At one spot, some people were jumping off of some rocks into a deep pool. I think I could maybe handle the jump, but I don’t know if I could handle the cold water. But it sure looked like they were having a lot of fun.



When we got to Hana, we stopped at the black sand beach. It was fun to explore a little. The waves were crazy big. Along the cliff sides, there were some outstanding water spouts and thunderous noises. Along the beach, it was just scary, foamy water rushing higher than you expect.

A giant wave wrecked my carefully posed picture.  Hehe...

A giant wave wrecked my carefully posed picture. Hehe…

By the time we got back to Kihei, it was late. We unpacked our stuff and went to the airport to pick up Curt. He arrived at 8pm. We went hung out a bit, and went to bed. We were all tired.


  1. Lauren

    Ha! I told Lloyd that when I checked my e-mail and saw a reservation notice from Priceline I was confused. At first I saw thought that he had already booked his next trip to Maui because he loved it so much, but then I saw that it was for a convertible and I burst out laughing. So, so awesome!

    I hope you four have a wonderful day!

  2. Elaine Royuk

    I am reliving our trip to Maui! Thanks! The Samith pictures on Flickr are sooo beautiful. Well most of them anyway, Lloyd’s toes do not qualify.

  3. Michele

    What?! No picture of the convertible? I wanted an action shot with your hair blowing in the breeze 🙂

    • Lloyd

      Not enough hair

  4. Peggy

    WOW!! You guys could be the postet boys for a trip to Hawaii! Not kidding. Hey I could contact my friend and see if he has any commercials coming up. He just finished his German movie.

    Welcome Curt!! Can’t wait to hear about part II of Dudes in Hawaii.

  5. Aunt Bev

    I, too, would have liked to see a picture of you four in the convertible. I can only imagine what fun you are having…..Jealous!!! Blessings and Love, Aunt Bev 🙂

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