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Clipper Chapel

Yesterday I did the chapel message at school. I talked a little bit about the theme for tomorrow. It’s the last Sunday of the church year. I said that time passes fast and things change, but God doesn’t change and his promises always come true. And in the middle of all the change, he remains King.

As an illustration of things changing and time passing, I talked about my hair. I usually cut it every week or ten days, but this time, it had been over two weeks! All that time passed, and I didn’t cut it, and it continued to grow. I asked the kids if they could tell how freakishly long it was. They said they couldn’t, so I showed them. I ran my electric clippers around my right ear and cut my hair its regular length. The kids laughed.

Kind of nineties-looking.

Kind of nineties-looking.

I left it that way all day. I did finally get it cut last night though. It feels so good. When my hair is long like it was, it’s so hot and itchy.


  1. Carol

    You mean you didn’t just make a symmetrical cut over the other ear and wear a big bushy Mohawk for a while? Warmer in winter, I should think, no?

    Nice object lesson there, sir. But I always think your definition of “freakishly long” is pretty funny…

    Enjoy your new ‘do!

  2. Lauren

    Ha! What a great object lesson! Did they comment on it all day? Did you get itchy from the hairs? I bet you were the big topic of conversation at everyone’s home. Fantastic. 😀

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