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Beet Chips

The other day, I got some dried beet chips on impulse. I’ve gotten dried pineapple a few times from the same section of the store, and have loved it, and I was just wondering what beet chips would taste like. I love pickled beets and canned beets, so it would seem that I would like beet chips.

I don’t. They don’t really taste like beets. They remind me of other vegetable chips I’ve had – sort of a sweet potato flavor. I don’t dislike them, but since they don’t taste like I was expecting them to, I’m feeling disappointed.

I love their color.

I love their color.


  1. Lauren

    Put them in a pretty dish and pretend they are potpourri. Freak our your company by eating them.

    • Carol

      You took the idea right out of my head! (and I could see Brad doing this, Lauren, couldn’t you?)

      • Lauren

        Yes. It would be an excellent party trick! 🙂

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