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Nothing But Net

Yesterday after church I stayed to work at school for a while. I’ve been having trouble working at school because classes aren’t in full-swing yet. I feel like I’m ready for the week, but I didn’t work for very long, so it feels like I forgot something.

Since my co-worker Eric was not able to come back this year yet because of a car accident (please keep him in your prayers), I have decided to be the playground equipment guy. I got a new basketball for the kids, a few frisbees, and a new basketball net.

After my deskwork yesterday, I decided to put the new basketball net up. I pulled my truck up under the hoop, and stood on a step ladder to reach the rim. But there was a problem: basketball hoops often have hooks that hold the net. This one didn’t. I think it was made for a chain net. Mine was made of nylon.



There may have been some knot that would tie that loop, but the knots I kept seeing on the internet involved being able to pass the entire net through the loop, which I could do with the first loop, but not the other eleven, since the first one would already be attached. I needed something that I could tie the loops onto, then connect to the rim. Lowe’s is super close by, so I went looking. This is what I found:



I opened the first one and tried to hook it to the rim. It was too small. Dang. Looking on the internet, I saw a suggestion to zip-tie the net to the rim. Back to Lowe’s to return my metal clips, and to find super-strong zip-ties. I found some rated for 175 pounds and for use outside. Plus, they were cheaper than the metal clips. Woo hoo!

Installation was exceedingly easy.

Installation was exceedingly easy.

I hope the net lasts for a while. It’s rated for outdoor use. Hopefully no one will be tempted to hang on it. I’m not sure how the zip-ties would withstand such weight. If this breaks, maybe I will look for a basketball net made out of chains.

And now, the before and after:




  1. Lauren

    Nice work ‘making do’! I admire your ingenuity, and I hope the kids love the new net!

  2. Carol

    Excellent! …except the car accident part. I hadn’t heard – now I will add Eric to our prayer list as well. Anyway, very creative, New Mr. Playground Equipment Guy! All that deck work this summer undoubtedly has made the problem-solving and creative particles in your brain spring into action when you find yourself without loops and such. Nicely executed!

    Blessings on your year. After a nice breakfast with the dear hubby I hope to invest the remainder of the day at school getting my week up to speed, too. “This is the job that never ends – sing with me! – yes, it goes on and on, my friends…”

  3. Kristi

    Way to improvise.

    You deserve a VIP parking pass to the home improvement stores.

  4. Bev Greunke

    Awesome 🙂

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