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Sweet Mint Delivery

Whenever I go to stores that have a toothpaste section, I’ve been in the habit of looking for my favorite kind of toothpaste: Tom’s of Maine brand, sweet mint flavor, gel formulation. It does have fluoride, doesn’t have sodium saccharin in it, and tastes great. Tom’s of Maine toothpaste isn’t hard to find, but Sweet Mint gel is. I look in grocery stores, I look in department stores, I look in pharmacies… no one seems to have that flavor.

And then it occurred to me that I could have my toothpaste sent to me.



I have six tubes of it now. I’m finishing my current tube of Spearmint Gel Tom’s, then I’ll maybe try a toothpaste I got in Nebraska over Christmas, then I’ll get to these. Six tubes of Sweet Mint gel! I’ll have toothpaste for months and months!


  1. Lauren

    Bring on the apocalypse! You’re set for dental care!

  2. Debbie Fettig

    I’ve been using the sample tubes we get from the dentist lately and haven’t bought toothpaste in months!!! I really don’t like what I’m using now though….tooooo pepperminty or something. I should try the Toms! And yes, having products show up at your house is the best invention!! HA

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