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Carnation Chemical

The Carnation Breakfast Drink I buy is in plastic containers. When I pull off the film that seals the top of the container, there is a strong chemical smell.

I wonder what it is. Are they pumping the container full of some kind of inert gas so the powder is preserved?

The taste of the drink is not affected , and the smell is gone by the second morning.

I probably should be getting it in the pouch form by mail order anyway. It would probably be cheaper, and it doesn’t smell weird when I open it.


  1. Lauren

    Maybe it’s the smell of the process they use to make a whole breakfast ‘instant’. You gotta think that’s a pretty intense process.

  2. Carol

    Wonder if those replicated meals in Star Trek episodes/movies had any smell to them, too? And if so, should I stop drinking “Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.” any time soon?

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