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Warm Times Ahead

The air conditioner in my classroom stopped working. I think it’s the compressor. I think that because Josh’s air conditioner stopped last week and it was the compressor. It might not have been such a big deal, but our rooms don’t have very big windows, so we can’t get a cross breeze.

The air conditioner people are pretty busy, so it takes a while to get service. And the parts may need to be sent from the mainland, which would add a lot more time. Fortunately, there are a couple of rooms in the main school building that we can use. I’m glad. It gets warm in my room by the afternoon.

 The big number is the thermometer. The small number is the thermostat.

The big number is the thermometer. The small number is the thermostat.


  1. Carol

    Whenever I think I might possibly enjoy some Hawaii life – stories such as this snap be back to reality. Praying this is repaired by the time you read my post…or you’ve gotten blocks of ice to put in front of fans…or something.

    –she who perspires in the winter when others are grabbing sweaters

  2. Lauren

    Whew! That is a high number! If they don’t get it fixed in time, can you just knock out a wall and have an open-air room?

    Carol, I feel for you. Being hot is the worst! (Unless it’s being cold, then that is the worst.) (I don’t think I understand ‘worst’, but I do get misery.)

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