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Bug Out

Every three or four months, the condo complex where I live sends exterminators through the units to do a basic spray job. It’s a bit of a hassle, because you have to drop a key at the clubhouse, which closes at five. But I go through the hassle, because I don’t like to see bugs in my apartment.

The other concern is Gus. The paper they leave on the door says that sensitive people and pets should stay out of the apartment for two hours. At Christmas time, Josh could pick up Gus and make sure he wasn’t there when they sprayed. This time, no one could take Gus.

I decided to leave him anyway. I put his food and water off the floor, and left the windows open. Hopefully he wouldn’t have a reaction.

When I got home, this was on my door:

They didn’t spray. Dang. Maybe I should get some spray from the home improvement store and spray around the baseboards a little…


  1. Lauren

    We used to sneak Cricket out and take her to school when they needed to do things in our apartment. Would your school be opposed to a class pet for a day? I bet your kids would love it. 😀

  2. Carol

    I’m actually encouraged to read that the pesticide folks care about four-legged friends that much. Yes, it will be a hassle to spray on your own, but you won’t have a cold, stiff Gus one day when you get home if you take sufficient precautions now.

    …and yes, tell your principal it’s Tale Your Pet to Work Day the next time, and maybe you can just have him snuggle in one of your desk drawers all day…?

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