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Loads of Litter

I pay more attention to Gus’ litter box since I moved. In Baltimore, the box was in the basement. It would sometimes go too long between scoopings. Here, it’s in the second bathroom, and I scoop it every morning.

I have used a few different brands of litter, and don’t really have an absolute favorite, but I do require Gus’ cat litter to be unscented. When it has a scent, I smell it on him, and it makes me queasy.

Not too long ago, the local Petco started carrying a giant bag of a kind of litter I like. It’s awesome. I have to buy litter so infrequently. The only problem is that it’s FREAKY heavy.

I am letting the box get low so I can do a complete change of litter.

I am letting the box get low so I can do a complete change of litter.


  1. Gretchen

    I just bought litter and the cashier and I talked about the freaky heaviness of it too! She said, “A giant 50 lb. bag of dog food is easier to lift than that 20 lb container of litter.” I agreed! Reminds me of that brain teaser: which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead.
    I usually buy the Petco litter that I can refill the container (somehow that makes me feel earth righteous) but last night the scent was really annoyingly strong. Maybe we should try the unscented, but my young scoopers are not as diligent as you.

    • Brad

      At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I find that Fresh Step and Scoop Away both control odor even if they are unscented.

  2. Lauren

    I have wondered about getting the lightweight stuff, but it doesn’t come in unscented and I also hate scented litter.

    Gretchen, I do the Petco refill for the same reasons. Ours – thankfully -doesn’t have a smell.

  3. Deborah

    I can’t ever smell litter on my cat. It helps that I don’t have one.

    • Brad

      Hahaha! I laughed out loud!

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