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I got some frozen strawberries a while back, and they were delicious – sweet and cold and refreshing. I wondered if other frozen fruits would be good too, so I got some blueberries.

Oh… My… GOSH! They are so good! I have to eat them with a spoon because they are covered in staining juice, but they are amazing. I would eat the whole bag in one sitting if it didn’t worry me a little what too many blueberries would do to me…


  1. Lauren

    On behalf of Lloyd, I have to ask if you’ve tried frozen grapes. They are also pretty dang good.

    We have tiny frozen blueberries for lunch at school fairly often, and I get so irritated at them. They are MUCH juicier than larger blueberries, and the mess from staining is just horrific. Tables, floor, faces, shirts, teeth – and that’s just me, not the kids.

  2. Deborah

    Froxen blueberries are a staple in this house.

    And, Lauren, I agree about the school lunch blueberries. It’s not so bad this year because the kids can’t serve themselves (one of the blessings of Covid), but it is still a mess.

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