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Giving In

I often stop at the garden centers of Home Depot and Lowe’s to walk through and look at the plants. It’s so calming. And I never buy anything, because I don’t have room on my lanai for anything new unless I get rid of something old.

The last couple of times I was at Home Depot, I saw a verbena bonariensis. I was excited to see it. I grew those in Baltimore and loved them. They have tiny flowers, but they bloom constantly. And the bees and butterflies love them.

I was NOT going to buy it. I didn’t need another plant, and the one they had left was kind of scraggly-looking.

Yesterday I bought it.

The plant had some insect eggs or cocoons or something on it.

I searched the internet, but I couldn’t find what they were. I decided to take them off. I didn’t want to risk hatching something nasty into my small garden.


  1. Lauren

    It’s good that you bought it – that little guy needed a home! I can’t wait to see how it blossoms under your care. (Pun intended.)

    I seem to recall that ‘lemon verbena’ was a perfume mentioned on Little House on the Prairie (the t.v. show). Did I dream that?

    • Jill

      No you didn’t. Laura’s teacher wore that “perfume” and Mr. Edwards used it on an envelope he sent to himself to make the pretty post office lady jealous. (The youngest and I are working our way through the series…)

      Good luck with the growing, Brad!

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