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Can It Be Bad?

I made macaroni and cheese for dinner last night. I don’t cook very often these days, because I’m impatient, but I decided I wanted to have mac and cheese, so it was worth the wait.

When I dumped in the cheese powder, it looked really strange. It was really dark… almost brown. It also had kind of a yeasty smell. Weird. I decided to keep mixing it.

The final product looked kind of brownish.

But can boxed mac and cheese go bad? It doesn’t seem possible. I searched on the internet, and didn’t seem to find anything about it. I decided to eat some.

It tasted kind of weird, but it didn’t make me sick.

I threw the rest away.


  1. Lauren

    That seems very odd. Can you send this post to Kraft and see if they can answer? At the very least, they might send you a coupon for a new box.

    In the light of day, do you feel any strange new superpowers?

  2. Deborah

    I’ve experienced that, but I did not eat it. So I think it can go bad.
    How are you feeling this morning?

  3. Brad

    Hehe… no new superpowers, and I feel fine today. Maybe I’ll try making it again tonight so I can have some proper tasting Mac and cheese.

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