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Card Spoilers

I looked for a birthday card yesterday. I like funny cards. I found a lot of cards that made me smile or even laugh out loud, but once I opened them, there were awful cliches inside that made me instantly put the cards back: “Who says you’re over the hill?” “Break all the rules today” “May your day be as fun as you are” “You’re one of the good ones” “Get drunk today”

Ugh. I wish it just said “Happy Birthday” inside. Or better yet, nothing.

I left after a while, because I had milk in my cart.


  1. Lauren

    Holy cow! That’s a huge card selection! Maybe you could just print that photo and write, “There’s no card good enough for you.”

    My friend Kate is excellent at finding funny cards. I never think to look for them.

  2. Kristi

    CACKLE FRESH eggs? That’s a funny brand name!!!

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