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Success or Failure

My new air conditioner is in the wall! Yay! I’m not sure if it’s installed correctly. The installation instructions were awful. As a back up, I’ve read a lot of internet instructions and watched a lot of installation videos. No one seems to give simple directions for through-the-wall installation.

So either it’s hopelessly complicated, or absolutely nothing matters about how you put one of these air conditioners in. I’m going to go with the second possibility. That’s not to say that I wasn’t meticulous in following the directions that came with this unit… but they were so, so bad…

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  1. Lauren

    Whew!! Thankfully you got it up before your cold spell is over. 🙂

    Did you leave comments on the videos warning others that the directions were bad? It would be good for others to know they’re not alone in their frustration.

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