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A Wrenching Issue

My kitchen table has gotten wobbly lately. Yesterday morning I was trying to help my mom change her plane ticket so she could stay here longer, and the wobbling was crazy. So after we were done, I decided to tighten the legs of the table.

They required a hex wrench. I have a set, so I searched through all the sizes and found two that sort of worked… one was too big and one was too small.

I did eventually get the legs tightened, but after I finished tightening the loose screws, I saw that Brad-from-the-past had very helpfully left the appropriately-sized wrench in an obvious and easy-to-see location.

I left it there. Maybe I’ll need to tighten the legs again some day…

We did get the ticket changed. Mom is staying another week! Yay!


  1. Lauren

    Now Current Brad needs to leave a note in white paint on the underside of the table. 🙂

    I’m glad your mom is staying longer! It’s miserable here!!

  2. Debbie

    I do that! Try to help myself out but then forget I’ve done it so have to work harder anyway? Brad in the past! Ppbbbbbb ?

  3. Debbie

    That question mark is suppose to be a laughing emoji….. guess that was not allowed? (That one there was on purpose) HA HA HA

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