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West Side Fun

Since I was off of school for Presidents Day, it was another day of adventures yesterday. We went to the west side of the island.

On our way, we stopped at a scenic lookout. I don’t remember ever stopping there, so it was fun to do something new.

When we got to Lahaina, I parked at my favorite place: the outlet mall. We didn’t even make it to Front Street. We just shopped at the outlets. It was fun. My mom got a winter coat for $20! Ha! A winter coat from Maui!

We went farther north to the Hyatt hotel. They have penguins, and we wanted to see them. They were not disappointing.

It was weird in the hotel lobby. There were hardly any people there at all. There were even times when the lobby was completely deserted.

After penguin-gazing, we had lunch down by the pool. It was hot, but fun. The food was delicious and the scenery was beautiful. Plus, there was a lot of people-watching. Fun!

We came back in the afternoon, and I had a big ol’ nap. The evening was pretty low-key, and I went to bed early. I’m back to work today!


  1. Lauren

    A winter coat from Maui? Does that mean a long-sleeved shirt?

    What a beautiful day! Those penguins were probably thrilled to have some company! They probably thought that everyone had left and they were in charge. “I guess you’re the manager, George. Where do we keep fresh towels?”

  2. Kristi

    I love the stone lions. It reminds me of China. Do you see many decorations for Chinese New Year right now?

  3. Debbie

    Those green umbrellas are the best! I love umbrellas! The rain and patio kind. I have 7 patio umbrellas and i’m not a restaurant!

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