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Exciting Anticipation

I switched the mosaic water plants to a larger pot a couple weeks ago, but the larger pot got me thinking… I should get a bigger water plant! …I should get a LOTUS! Woo!!!

I went online and found a small variety of lotus that thrives in containers, that blooms all summer long, and that has “red” flowers (they’re actually pink). The variety name is “chu chu”, because it was developed in China. I ordered one.

It arrived yesterday! So exciting!

The root will sprout quickly, and in a few days the first leaves will already be coming out. I will love watching it grow. And when the flowers finally come, they will be SO BEAUTIFUL! I love lotus flowers! HERE is a google image search so you can see the “chu chu” flowers.

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  1. Lauren

    So, you just throw it in a pot of water? That’s my kind of gardening.

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