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Expectation vs Reality

Happy Birthday to my niece Tara! Woo hoo!

Yesterday I was in south Kihei and saw a sign that said “Cinnamon Roll Place” – it was actually the name of the store. Heh.

I am constantly disappointed by cinnamon rolls. They smell so good, but then when I eat them, they aren’t as good as I expect them to be. But I was hungry, and I do like how I imagine cinnamon rolls should taste, so I decided to get one.

It did not disappoint me. It was good! This is definitely a place I will add to my list of regular places to visit. Mmm…

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  1. Lauren

    Happy Birthday, Tara!

    I think it’s ok to have strong opinions about cinnamon rolls. That one has a correct-looking interior, but a little too much frosting for my liking. I see that you have cut it with a knife, except I like to cut off pieces of the spiral as I go along. 🙂

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