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Bird and Shirts

I had to go to my bank yesterday. I saw a golden plover in the parking lot. I know what they are because they’re on the playground at my school in the morning, and my old principal told me. He also told me that golden plover in gravy on toast was on the breakfast menu for the Titanic.

My bank shares its parking lot with the mall, so I went walking around the mall. There were some nice winter shirts on the clearance rack, so I got them. I don’t need them for here, but I can use them in Nebraska when I’m there for Christmas. They were so cheap!

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  1. Lauren

    Nice shirts! With the extreme cost of things on Maui, when you say ‘really cheap’, I have to think they were $100 each? 😉

    I had to read ‘golden plover in gravy on toast’ twice for it to register. *jibblie*

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