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Imaginary Jelly Beans

A long time ago, I had Welch’s brand jelly beans. Like the same brand name as jelly. I remembered them being the most amazing jelly beans I had ever tasted.

And then I never saw them again. Every Easter I would look on the candy shelves. No Welch’s. Had I imagined it? Is there really no such thing as Welch’s jelly beans?

Then yesterday, I stopped at Walgreen’s for milk because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store, and what did I see?

Welch’s jelly beans! There was only one bag left, so I snapped it up.

They were good, but not as good as I remember. There is a saying that goes: “Never meet your heroes”. Does that apply to jelly beans?


  1. Lauren

    I think that happens a lot. Something new gets built up in the mind and then that experience can never be replicated. I’m glad you found them, though! Am I right that Starburst makes a jellybean? I should try those again…..

  2. Carol

    Since your youth they’ve probably had to take out all the “fun” ingredients that gave the beans their marvelous taste – you know, chemical preservatives…lard (no, wait, that was the creamy filling of the Oreo, wasn’t it?)…transfats (are there even cisfats in jelly beans, though?) Still glad you found them!

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