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I’m back in school today. Spring Break is over.

Yesterday was a regular weekend-before-school day. After church, I went into my classroom and stayed there all day. Ugh. But I did get my stuff done.

I fixed the classroom faucet about a week ago. I used the it several times yesterday. It seemed to be solid. The real test will be when the kids use it today.

I finished all the stuff I needed to. As I was walking back to my classroom from the main school building for the last time, the sky was looking very dramatic. Hopefully there won’t be any drama today…


  1. Lauren

    You are right about the children being the true test of that faucet situation. I hope that it is well and truly fixed. Otherwise, turn off the water and post a sign that says, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

  2. Kristi

    What a beautiful sky!!!

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