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Succulent Search

I stop at the Lowe’s and Home Depot garden centers a LOT. I have such a small area for plants at home. The garden centers are like big gardens – big gardens where the flowers change periodically. It’s wonderful.

A while back, I was perusing the succulent section, and I saw cactus plants that had thick, short, white spines on it. They looked like plastic. They were so cool! I looked it up online. It’s called an Arizona Snowcap cactus.

But I didn’t get one, and when I came back they were gone. So I’ve been looking every time I go to the garden centers. And guess what’s at Home Depot right now?

One of them was even blooming!

But then I decided not to get one. I don’t know… I just wasn’t feeling it. My lanai is so small. Now if I ever buy anything new, I have to get rid of something I already have. What would I get rid of? Sorry, Arizona Snowcaps.

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  1. Lauren

    If you think about it, you do ‘have’ those flowers – you’re just keeping them at your garden centers. Just like on your lanai, sometimes they leave so something else can arrive. 🙂

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