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An Old New Reference

As I paged through my math textbook yesterday, I came upon this page:

It’s a word problem about pod racers from the new Star Wars movie “The Phantom Menace”. But this math book is old… how could it have such a recent movie reference in it?

I looked up “The Phantom Menace”. It’s from 1999. Twenty-two years ago. Sheesh! How does time pass so quickly?


  1. Lauren

    What?? What is happening? Someone posted on Facebook how they are realizing that things that they remember from ‘a couple of years ago’ happened in 2005. I have a feeling that this will just get worse…..

  2. Carol

    Apparently someone needs a refresher on the axiom “the older we get, the faster time passes”. True story.

    But I know what you mean. Like the first Disney movie Thurman and I saw together – Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – came out in 1988, making it over 30 years old already. Can that even be possible??

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