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Snail Sighting

It was raining yesterday morning while I was standing outside taking temperatures before school. The wetness brought out a snail. They grow big here. It was fun to see. Usually I only see snails after I accidentally step on them in the dark.

I watched it for a while. It wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be.

I didn’t use anything for scale. This shell is maybe two inches long.


  1. Lauren

    Thank you for the size explanation. After the pillow photo, there’s no telling how gigantic that could have been. 😉

    Creepy, yet fascinating…..

  2. Carol

    He/she/it sure carries a beautiful house with him/her/it! (They are hermaphrodites, so there is some confusion there…) Please try not to squash these beauties on your pedestrian journeys in the future, okay? Those shells…

    [Say…do snails care as much about pronoun choices as some humans seem to these days? Just wondering.]

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