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Cable Correction

My cable box has been malfunctioning for months now. It didn’t matter to me because I’ve been streaming all this time, and because my condo association uses condo fees to get basic cable for every unit. But I did miss the clock on the cable display. When I was watching tv and wanted to know what time it was, I’d have to look at my wrist or my phone. Ugh.

Yesterday I finally took the old broken box in and exchanged it for a new box. When I had called for advice, the person on the phone made a reservation for me at the store. I was so glad she did. The line was LONG. They were all walk-ins, so when I signed in, my name went to the front of the line. I sort of felt bad, but I was glad to get seen quickly.

My condo fees cover a basic cable package, but I was paying a little extra for DVR services. While I was in the store, I dropped that. I hardly ever do smart money things. Way to go, Brad!

Local baseball?!? I would never stream that. Only cable! And look! It’s 8:33!

They gave me a new remote. I had to program it. At first I was annoyed, then I was happy, because my tv remote has started to not work anymore. I also programmed it to run the tv. Awesome!


  1. Deborah

    Way to go, Brad! I really don’t like dealing with all of that, especially programming a remote.

  2. Lauren

    I am in awe of the remote set-up. I tried to do that with my parents’ and it was beyond me. Nicely done with all the tasks!

    I am a little surprised that your Hawaiian baseball teams aren’t dressed in Aloha shirts and shorts. 😉

  3. Carol

    Ah, first world problems – the very idea of needing to check, say, a watch to know the time…unimaginable.

    However, getting along without continuing to DVR all the episodes of shows that are broadcast after TBT (teacher bed time) during the week – I dunno. Sounds like an unnecessary sacrifice to me, Brad. You’re worth the price difference to gain back digital recording capability, IMHO.

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