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Milk Made

These words on the package of cheese in my refrigerator made me laugh:

Haha! Isn’t that like calling strawberries “gluten free”, or saying water is made with “non GMO ingredients”?

I mean, I suppose you can make “cheese” without milk. That’s the kind of cheese sauce I like. But usually that’s called “cheese flavored sauce”, so there’s no pretending.

Can cheese be made without milk and still be called cheese? Even the Velveeta I just bought has milk as its first ingredient.


  1. Lauren

    Well, thank you for the little rabbit hole this morning. Apparently those slices are less than 51% milk, and this ‘cheese food’ was invented as a way to use up old cheese scraps. Here, dive in for yourselves: https://www.mashed.com/55641/untold-truth-velveeta/

    • Brad

      Heh. Rabbit hole indeed. I just read that whole article.

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