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Local Delights

Yesterday on the way home from school, I saw an awning set up in a parking lot with a sign that said: “Molokai hot bread”. It sounded delicious, so I stopped. It was loaves of bread from a famous bakery on Molokai. They cut them in half and spread various delicious fillings on them. Since it was late in the day, they only had mango cream flavor and ube flavor left. Ube is a sweet purple yam that is often used for desserts and sweets in the Philippines and South Asia.

Mmm… sweet bread and sweet filling…. It was delicious! I should throw the rest of the loaf away before I eat the whole rest of it in one sitting…

After I had the bread, I had a mango. One of my neighbors gave it to me. He had a bunch of them that somebody gave him at work. It was sooooo good! Like nothing I’ve ever had from a store.


  1. Lauren

    I am so curious to try both of those things. Purple sweet yam filling? I can’t wrap my head around that. I’ve also never tried real mango, at least not to my knowledge. I can’t trust Nebraska mangos.

  2. Jill

    We tried some ube ice cream & cheesecake when we visited Oahu in March. So good! Not too sweet and super creamy. http://www.ubaehawaii.com Check it out the next time you’re in Honolulu. Super tasty, especially after eating at Nico’s on Pier 38.

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