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Toffee Tasting

Yesterday, I fulfilled a desire I’ve had for many, many years – I bought Skor and Heath candy bars at the same time and did a taste comparison.

I don’t know why it took me so long. Maybe I was afraid of having two candy bars’ worth of calories all at once? That doesn’t seem right. I mean, I’ve eaten a LOT more calories than that in one sitting.

Whatever the case, I finally did the taste test. It was disappointing. They tasted nearly identical to me. Skor had a slightly darker taste, as if the toffee had been cooked a little longer. Other than that, they were very similar in all other aspects – chocolate, texture, sweetness…

I will say that I am glad to have finally done it, but the next time I eat 439 calories all at once, it won’t be two toffee bars.

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  1. Lauren

    For science!!

    I’m glad you did this for us all, Brad. The next step is to smash the up and put them in ice cream. That’s a taste test I’ll help with. 😀

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