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First and Last

Yesterday was my first day back to school after school is out. We don’t have any meetings, but I need to finish up with grading and paperwork, and I need to clean my room.

It was mostly about papers yesterday, but I did straighten my desk a little. Among the desktop items was my last mask of the year. I pray it is my last mask ever.


  1. Lauren

    Ahhh…. no children and a peaceful work environment.

    I hope so about the masks, too. I don’t have to wear one at work now and I make a sticker that said, “I learned the germ!” for when the kids ask why it’s off. I have an immune system that could totally take out other immune systems if they could arm wrestle, but I’m glad I learned this on specifically.

  2. Debbie

    You’re new blog look it’s very nice! Although i don’t have the option to make a comment after each post? It’s random? So i will comment here for an older one…. you’re cleaning of the weeds under the worm barrel with salt and vinegar was awesome! Great job!

  3. Brad

    Thanks, Debbie. I think the new way to comment for a specific post would be to click on its title. Then you could see the comment boxes underneath it.

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