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Glad to be Gardening

I have a garden project right now! Woo hoo!

There has been a planter at school that was supposed to be a worm-compost barrel, but the worms died years ago, so it was just a planter that looked like a barrel. I’ve been keeping it going with beautiful flowers, but I think the area would look a lot better if it had proper pots and some more thoughtful plant choices. Desi said she wanted the barrel for preschool gardening, so it will still be used. Nice!

I intend to plant several native Hawaiian plants in the new pots, and include some labels. It’s been so fun to research and to plant shop. My mind is bubbling with ideas.

But the first step is cleaning up the old spot. The constant overflow of water from the barrel planter encouraged a lot of weed growth in the pavement. I decided to take care of that with an aggressive option – vinegar and salt. The area is contained by cement, so it won’t affect any planted or grass areas.

I got the supplies from Target, because I had a gift card there. Checking out was fun. The woman asked if I was doing some cleaning. I almost joked about disposing of a body, but then thought better of it.

I pulled many of the weeds that were growing in the patio area, but will let the salt and vinegar do the rest. Here’s the before and after:

I will get some big pots from the landscape supply store in Kahului. I’ve even made a scale drawing and some circles to try different arrangements. So! Fun!


  1. Deborah

    This is a great summer project. So much fun!

  2. Lauren

    Yay! That will look gorgeous! Plus, you’ll have so much space to work with!

    I didn’t know that salt was a component of the vinegar application. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve wondered about doing something with the weeds growing in my driveway. As always, you are the hero. 🙂

  3. Carol

    You are a natural-born horticulturist, sir. I still recall amazement seeing your paper layout ala cut-out circles before you and Thurman tackled our front garden years ago. It’s still lovely.

    BTW, those yews are getting pretty tall – when can we expect a visit from you to trim them back, round off the box woods, etc? This was a full-service landscaping job, right?

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