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A Grade-less Day

Yesterday after church, I went to my classroom and… had no grading to do. I was a little confused. What am I supposed to do on a Sunday after church? I messaged Lauren to share my quandary, and ended up saying: “what do normal people do on a Sunday instead of going to work?” And then I laughed, because Lauren is the last person to ask that question. Later, she told me she laughed too, because she was, in fact, at work.

I decided to just go home. I watched some TV, took a nap, then went to sit on the lanai. My lotus is finally growing aerial leaves! Woo hoo! Hopefully this is a sign of future vigorous growth, and I’ll soon have blossoms.

Later in the afternoon, I felt a little restless, so I went looking for a pot for a new plant I got. It was good to get out of the house. I found the right size and shape of pot at Walmart. It’s not the exact same blue as my other pots, but it’s in the right color family.


  1. Lauren

    There you go! You got to have some rest, and then got out of the house. 8 hear you about your quandary, though, work is what gives me some structure. Left to my own devices, I would watch a fire all day. (Which isn’t too bad…….)

  2. Carol

    Ah, I remember those 6-8 extra hours each weekend to grade and prep for the week ahead. (Here’s where I would normally type “Good times”, but…)
    My work day was usually Saturday, but was then too tired Sunday afternoon for much else. Occasionally we would get together with Thurman’s family in western MD but sometimes I would just crash. Glad you are resourceful enough to try new things on your new-found Day of Freedom, Brad.

    Say…what do you do all summer break on Sundays then? Just wondering…

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