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Twenty-one Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen

I worked at school for most of the day yesterday. I was straightening my room so the summer cleaners can do their work. I also did some computer organization stuff. I will be getting a new school laptop over the summer, so I needed to get my files in order. I have an external hard drive that I got a long time ago. It just plugs in to the USB port. Cool!

I transferred all my school files. All the files I’ve ever generated (and kept) over the course of my whole teaching career. All 21,719 of them. How interesting that all the worksheets, quizzes, and slideshows I’ve ever written can be contained in a tiny little device.

Maybe I should back this up a second time before it’s deleted off of my laptop. Regular old flash drives are pretty big these days, aren’t they?


  1. Carol


    Just wow.

  2. Karla

    How much storage do you need?

    • Brad

      I saved to a flash drive today, so I checked the size of the file transfer. It’s 46G. My flash drive is 50-something, so I think it’s big enough, but I wanted to wait until tomorrow morning to do it, so I could watch it all day if I needed to.

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