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Laid Back Day

Yesterday was Samith and friends’ first day here, but the rest of the family isn’t here yet, so he didn’t want to do too much. It was a nice relaxed day. We hung out in the morning, then did a little shopping.

For lunch, we went to a food truck lot in Kihei. I accidentally ordered shrimp ceviche. The instructions said put some rice in it, then put some popcorn in it, then eat. It was quite good.

In the afternoon, we went to Big Beach. The waves weren’t crazy yesterday, so it was good. I went in the water right away, but then relaxed in the beach chair.

We finished the day by having sushi. When we called to make reservations, there was only an 8:45 left, so it was pretty late, but it was delicious. Yum!

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  1. Lauren

    …. popcorn? I am both baffled and amazed.

    A relaxed day sounds like the perfect kind of vacation. I’m glad it was wonderful! Have fun, everyone!

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