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Much Excitement

It was the weekend yesterday. Denis didn’t work, and we went out shopping! Woo hoo!

While we were out, we saw this window sticker:

It was people from Hawaii! This is part of a Christian movement among native Hawaiians called “Aloha ke Akua” (the love of God). The sticker means “He is greater than I”. It was so fun to see it here!

One of our stops was a garden center. It was amazing! All I ever get to see on Maui is Home Depot and Lowe’s. The selection was huge!

Denis needed a new table for his kitchen, so we also went to IKEA. Wow!

But the most exciting thing yesterday was that I got new teacher shoes. My feet have been feeling a little more tired this year. My trainer was really recommending some more supportive shoes. I went to a place where they did a walking analysis and foot mapping. I got new shoes and insoles. They are so comfortable! I think these will be really great for teaching!

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  1. Lauren

    Now THAT is an incredible day – you hit all the high spots!! Yay! I’m not even mad about IKEA. 😉

    I am glad you got new shoes that will help your feet. That is so important. I bought two new pairs of sandals that are supposed to be pretty good, but they have memory foam soles and my feet really ache by the end of the day. Time for some insoles.

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